Friday, October 14, 2011

Knights of St. Andrew

I picked up a petition last night.
Knights of St. Andrew Home
A Brief History of the Order

Tradition informs us that the medieval Order of the Knights of Saint Andrew was formed in 1314, by King Robert the Bruce of Scotland, to honor sixty-three Knights who, at the Battle of Bannockburn, with no prior notice appeared on the field of battle as a mounted unit, quickly turning the tide and defeating the English.
The modern Order was fashioned on the noble example of those sixty-three Knights who came to the service of Scotland when she was in dire need.
Ill. Weldon J. Good, 33°, of the Valley of Tulsa, Oklahoma, developed the first Chapter of the Knights of Saint Andrew in 1993 as a service organization comprised of "Black Hat" Scottish Rite Masons. Any member who receives the honor of KCCH subsequent to joining the KSA could no longer hold an office or vote but they could still work and assist. Its goal is to help them become more active in the Consistory as a whole and to provide selfless dedication to and the promotion of our Masonic Fraternity within the Scottish Rite, our community, our Jurisdiction, and the Orient.
Each Chapter is attached to a Valley within the Scottish Rite and is subordinate to that Valley; its purpose being a service organization to its Mother Consistory. There is no other higher governing body. Each Chapter adopts its own by-laws and determines its own membership requirements. The Knights of St. Andrew is open to all 32° "Black Hat" Scottish Rite Masons who are members in good standing of the Scottish Rite. Knights pledge to be active members in the Valley and to be of service to her as her need may require.

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