Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Searching For LIght

It is refreshing.  My masonic mentors repeatedly tell me to be skeptical about what I read in books about the history of Masonry.    It reminds me of the last words of the Buddha:
meditation: indus valley civilization
"Don't blindly believe what I say. Don't believe me because others convince you of my words. Don't believe anything you see, read, or hear from others, whether of authority, religious teachers or texts. Don't rely on logic alone, nor speculation. Don't infer or be deceived by appearances."
"Do not give up your authority and follow blindly the will of others. This way will lead to only delusion."
"Find out for yourself what is truth, what is real. Discover that there are virtuous things and there are non-virtuous things. Once you have discovered for yourself give up the bad and embrace the good."
- The Buddha

The Masonic quest is for "Light", Wisdom.  Or as the Buddha has said, "To Be Awake."
Cernunnos on the Gundestrup Cauldron
A Brahman saw the Buddha resting under a tree in meditation. The Brahman was impressed with the Buddha's way.
He asked, "Are you a god?"
"No, Brahman, I'm not a god."
"Are you an angel?"
"No", replied the Buddha.
"You must be a spirit then?"
"No, I'm not a spirit," said the Buddha.
"Then what are you?"
"I'm awake."
- The Buddha

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