Friday, December 10, 2010

Freemasonry & the Birth of Modern Science by Robert Lomas (Author)

One of the 4 books I ordered at my local library.

Synopsis (from Barnes and Nobel)

Freemasonry and the Birth of Modern Science continues the Freemasonry saga by exploring its roots in The Royal Society, a group dedicated to the pursuit of scientific study.
In a time when superstition and magic governed reason, the repressive dogma of Christian belief silenced many, and where a turbulent political and economical background dominated, these men forbade any discussion of religion at their meetings. Lomas claims that modern experimental science was born out of The Royal Society, which was secretly funded by The Invisible College, which is known today as Freemasonry.
Robert Lomas is the co-author of The Hiram KeyThe Second Messiah, and Uriel's Machine. A Freemason, he lectures at Bradford University in England.

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Lee Love said...

This is a fascinating book. I just read the section where Francis Bacon became ill and died, inventing frozen chicken.