Saturday, May 26, 2012

More from Albert Pike: "The Nobelest of Use"

Lee's note:   I always like to be aware, that I stand directly in the center of all those people who came before me in the past and all of those who will come after me when I am gone.  This idea, in no way makes me feel small, but rather, impresses upon me the importance of my life as a bridge between all the past and infinite future.
"The noblest, if not indeed the only noble use, to which we can devote our strength, our energies, our faculties, our intellect, is to labour for the benefit of others, to instruct, to guide, to enrich with physical comforts, and moral healthfulness and intellectual wealth, the less favoured of our race; not alone our children, friends, neighbors, but those remote from us and even unknown to us; separated from us even by wide spaces of time yet unelapsed' to be born hereafter; to people this earth when we have leftit; to build teir habitations and their cities, and the monuments of their ancestors, upon our unknown graves....."

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